Green Terminology

If you're going to plan a green event you need to understand the different terms commonly used when relating to environmental sustainability.

Biodegradable: products that will break down and decompose into elements found in nature.
Example) You may purchase bidegradable plates for your event

Compostable:  paper, food, leaves, and other items that can decompose into organic matter through composting, the art of turning organic waste into soil-conditioning material.
Example) You can purchase invitations that you can plant after (so neat!)

Eco: short for ecological that is designed to be in harmony with the environment.

Green: environmentally friendly products and activities.

Green Washing: falsely claiming to be green. 

Local:  said to be 1-200 km radius.

Reclaimed: salvaged materials that are returned to use, as in wood recovered from a demolition site.
Example) Use old wine barrels as cocktail tables.  Looks awesome!

Sustainable:  the result of practices that "sustain" our natural resources rather than deplete or permanently damage them.  Reusing, recycling, and powering your home with renewable energy are all sustainable practices.

Hopefully understanding these terms help you get the most out of your eco-friendly event!


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